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Firstly, one of my side projects is I occasionally co-write with The Girl In The Pink Scarf, Aka: Krys. Link to our shared account: Edge Enigma I also Co-Write with Princess Of Punk08Favorite superstars:1.

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It's still the same music."Speaking to camera, Caitlyn admits she still doesn't know what the future will hold.

UPDATED: Okay, so July 7th, 2013, this profile needed an overhaul and some organizing.

Her reality seems to be spiraling into an oblivion where only one thing is certain: Alice... Then John does something that he and Punk both thought that he would never do... After the accident, strange things begin to occur and slowly the survivors are picked off one by one. Marie was the typical 15 year old, until she started doing drugs. Punk/Mor, Matt/Jeri, Jeff/Edge, Randy/Jeff/Miz, Punk/Edge. What happens when he's forced to share a room with CM Punk? John calls up Adam and asks him if he could baby-sit Aiden for a night so he can spend a passionate night with Punk. It's been 6 months since Alice's attack on Umbrella in Tokyo. But once you're used to it, how do you make it go away? & they all could get sumthing done if they could only stop tweeting : P M/M SLASH!

The more she discovers, the less clear everything becomes. Punk predicts a fatal accident, and saves himself and a few others. Will all be resolved or have they forgotten their love? Both Heartbroken & lonely, will they be able to find comfort? Cody and Ted are long distance lovers, Justin and Cena just recovered from a tough break up, Alex and Miz are only together for sex, Randy and Morrison seem to grow further apart everyday…but they all have their ways of coping. Melina Perez is a sophmore in highschool, and so is John Morrison. When Randy reveals his fear of the number 13, it only leads to torment and humiliation. Punk and John had a kid, Aiden, a few months ago and haven't been able to have a night alone with each other. AU, OOC ensues, language, cuteness, humor, silliness. When the Head of Security's assistant has to take maternity leave, Alice hires a temp - Claire, she's dedicated, hard-working, and driven..could almost say she's obsessed, but not with her job. Being alone for an extended period isn't good for anyone, not even Alice. Addy's bored, Jeff's irritated, Mor's hysterical, Matt's trying to get in on it, Shanny's watching.

But now Randy's back, and Punk's been a bit of a confused mess since he left. When all the WWE Talent finds out this news, they're heartbroken, although none more than Chris "Jericho" Irvine, but he doesn't know why. M/M Slashiness, if you don't like, don't read - you have been warned! Except, of course, where Alice Abernathy was concerned. Is he going insane, or is Edge real and planning something devious behind Adam's back?

Warning: M/M sex, bondage, toys and lots of dirty talk. "It's been a too-long break from eachother for Punk and Randy. Cena/Punk/Randy Violence Rape Death etc CM Punk - Phil Brooks - has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Pairings: Punkx Marie Brox Sis and Randyx Marie Punk and Cena - were they really ever meant to be? Claire Redfield had always liked to think of herself as a fairly reasonable person; she almost always managed to keep a level head. A look at the evolution of their relationship through four short vignettes. Adam's being manipulated by a demon who calls himself Edge.

CM Punk and John Cena have slowly become friends thanks to working so closely together,the happiest they could've ever been. Alice enters their camp under a blanket of fire and finds a kindred spirit.

You can either grab love by the horns and let it rule you or you can turn and walk away. Claire Redfield leads her convoy across the sun-scorched land, feeling cold despite the heat.

CMPunk/Cena COO HHH won at night of the champions and want to teach a lesson to Punk, he wants him broken.

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