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Our vision is the end of AIDS in a world where all people affected by HIV and STIs access prevention, treatment, care and support.

Working with Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland, allows you to use and develop your skills in an environment with social relevance.

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Sex nederland

Cunnilingus is an increasingly popular sex act in the prostitution business, but it is not as popular or offered as much as blow jobs.

It is not physically demanding; you can literally lean back.

Also you find information about vaginal licking (cunnilingus) and anal licking (rimming).

You probably have clients who want oral sex without a condom.

Modelling studies indicate that decriminalizing sex work could lead to a 46% reduction in new HIV infections in sex workers over 10 years; eliminating sexual violence against sex workers could lead to a 20% reduction in new HIV infections.

Sex workers are often stigmatized, marginalized and criminalized by the societies in which they live.

If your client has rough fingers and fingering is not pleasant, the tongue is a soft and warm substitute for the finger.

Working with a colleague and having several clients reduces the work burden.

The sex work program is implementing these programs with partners in the field (sex worker led organisations and service providers) in 16 countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and the Netherlands).

We are looking for several new temporary colleagues (including maternity leave replacement) to support our team Policy officers– sex work program (32 hours per week) ranging from 8-12 months, starting date preferably : The Policy Officers within the sex work program are responsible for the overall coordination of one of the main programmes (Hands Off!

We get it: you want to earn money and you want to make your clients happy, but you can get STIs from unsafe oral sex. A blow job is an often requested sex act in your work as a prostitute. If you have a vaginal infection, you can still give your client a blow job.

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