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It also outlines the conduct expected upon termination of the relationship.

This approach doesn’t necessarily do away with coercion claims.

If two lower-level, high-performing employees in different departments begin dating, and you find out about it, are you going to require them to stop dating?

Are you going to monitor them to ensure compliance?

The situation is also likely to lead to claims of favoritism by other employees—which could have their own legal bases but, in any event, will affect morale.

To policy or not to policy I’m often asked whether a company should have a policy against dating in the workplace.

PCA3: Prostate Cancer Antigen 3 (PCA3) is a urinary biomarker of PCa that shows superior results to PSA scores in determining outcomes after repeat biopsies [35,36].

PCA3 appears to have utility in determining which patients should undergo a repeat biopsy because of a higher specificity for PCa compared to PSA [37-40].

The contents are intended for general information purposes only.

Anyone needing specific legal advice should consult an attorney.

My response is that you should only enact policies you intend to enforce consistently.

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