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This is typically over the internet, but the interface options can be vast.

They are often shared between computer programs (Facebook Messenger, skype, slack, etc), built into websites, managed over text messages and in recent years through voice using devices like Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home and the soon to be released Apple Home Pod.

If Apple’s Siri launched today, one wonders if it would still be designed as a slightly sassy, demure female assistant. While Amazon’s Alexa (2014), Siri (2011), and Microsoft’s Cortana (2013, named after a nude character in the video game Halo) staked out their identities years ago, the world is changing.

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“Both women are highly sensitive to gender stereotypes.

And they have managed to develop a voice that defies gender stereotypes. The goal is to offer people a choice of genders for agent name but to make sure all of our phrasings are gender neutral,” mostly by sticking to facts such as time, place, and location without chit-chat.

Mortensen says has found users show a preference for selecting the opposite sex when picking assistants (females choose “Andrew,” and men pick “Amy”, although they sometimes switch) and quickly revert to gendered pronouns despite the two bots speaking in precisely the same way.

“Our AI interaction designers are both female,” he wrote by email.

In a Quartz analysis earlier this year by my colleague Leah Fessler, Google and Cortana were the most likely to respond to harassment with incomprehension or a web search while Siri and Alexa were more likely to evade the question or even respond positively.

But users may push companies into assigning gender of some sort., there seems to always be an agreement that at some point in the future, we will be able to walk up to a machine, ask for some item of food and it will be prepared for us. In a future blog, I will talk further about the direction I see them going, but first I felt it necessary to dispel some of the mysticism that comes with the idea of a Chatbot while also paying homage to those who came before us.The idea of what Chatbots do has been with us for as long as we’ve had personal computers and it is just now that we are aggregating all the various aspects into a single common notion.He describes Kai as very authoritative, professional, friendly, never apologetic, and dryly funny without flirting, such as the conversations below.Yet developers are still wrestling with the question of how human to make a bot, says Dennis Mortensen founder of, which launched the scheduling bots Amy or Andrew Ingram in 2014.“It never pretends to be a human, and the lines are never blurry,” he says.

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