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(Rose's idea of being "girly" is Marie Antoinette.) But then the next day Rose may wake up and wonder why she has breasts at all.

Model and activist, Geena Rocero, told the world in a Ted Talk last year that she was transgender.

Matt Duron, a manly man and police officer wrote an article for in 2013 titled, "My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It." There has been so much progress, so much change. I sat down with Peregrine Honig at at YJs Coffee Shop over the holidays to find some answers.

I was pretty small in stature so I got my undies of choice in the little boys' section.

I never understood what exactly gave him the creeps.

"For some customers it is like going through a second puberty."Peregrine explained.

That is why Honig wants a shop specifically for the LGBTQ community.Their bra band size was incredibly limited, only going up to a size 38. As a woman used to paying around .00 this seemed outrageous.It is 2015 - thirty-six States have legalized same-sex marriage.Honig and her business partner Danielle Meister have owned Birdies Panties, a lingerie shop, for 13 years. Over the past few years, Honig has noticed an influx of transgender customers.At Birdies they do their best to serve the LGBTQ community. In 2015, Honig is opening All is Fair, a lingerie shop catering specifically to transgender customers.She also shared Underworks and T-Kingdom sites offering binders.

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