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In the case of elderly patients, carers or relatives who are more technically knowledgeable may take charge of the call and zoom the phone's camera in on particular injuries.

Patients who dial 999 are being assessed over Skype instead of being sent an ambulance, it has emerged.

Trials are under way across England to see if video consultations on smartphone apps could replace ambulances for thousands of 'lower priority' calls.

A spokesman for South Central Ambulance Service – which covers Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire – said other trusts were testing the use of video consultations but did not name them.'South Central Ambulance Service is currently trialling the use of technology to provide face-to-face consultations over the telephone.'This enables both the patient and the trained clinician ... 'This gives the clinician more information when they are assessing the patient as they can see the patient and view the injury severity, symptoms, etc.' The job of my dreams slowly became a soul-destroying daily torture.

I went to work every day desperate to help people, and instead I was forced to leave them in limbo, waiting hours for emergency aid that was endlessly delayed.

'When you call 999, don't assume the person on the other end is sober,' she said.

It also emerged that people who dial 999 are increasingly being sent taxis to take them to hospital instead of ambulances.

Miss Frederick left the ambulance service after suffering serious health complications she believes were triggered by stress.

She also told of how call handlers often turned up to work drunk or high on drugs and managers refused to dismiss them.

Patients calling 999 are being refused ambulances and told to make their own way to A&E.

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