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“There were no sex workers involved in the process.

When sex work is work we should have access to labour rights no matter your ideology.

I do consider myself a feminist and I am a feminist sex worker but that’ my personal way of thinking.

A reporter who founded her own news site and appointed herself its chief White House correspondent, has emerged as hero among the Washington Press corps after defying Donald Trump by live streaming a media briefing.

For several months, Mr Trump’s communications team has been at war with reporters about what were once daily news briefings.

Luhrs and the team at Proud also offer practical advice for sex workers to combat issues which arise due to the stigma attached to the job. “Policy makers think we should be visible but on the other we have stigma holding us down.

“You won't get a mortgage from sex work, or a business bank account. We have only access to prostitution law not access to human rights or labour rights.” New Zealand, she continues, is the country to emulate when piecing together sex work laws, adds Luhrs.Estimates suggest between 15,000 to 30,000 people in Holland are sex workers, in a nation of over 16 million people.“No matter how you think about sex work from a moral perspective sex work is something that is being done and no matter that your reasons are for doing this job, if you do it you are a real human just like anyone else who does any other job,” Luhrs tells “But we often don't look at sex work like that, we often problematise it.” Luhrs joined the group as it was fighting against a proposed law in the Netherlands parliament that would see sex workers sent to jail for six months if they worked without a license.Asked if Luhrs is a feminist, she says of course she is - and her works speaks for itself.But she adds that the group isn't interested in ideologies.I have colleagues who are not necessary interested in that.

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