Same sex dating service

The majority of men in our survey responded that this was indeed the case, with 56 percent reporting that they use dating apps in public.

We were also curious if, unlike the "at home alone" stereotype of online dating and hookup websites, users of mobile dating apps integrated them into their social lives. It's also fascinating to note that while some things change, others remain the same.

Though on a personal level it may feel agonizingly slow at times, the changes to American gay life have accelerated so much that it has not only transformed law and federal policy, but also altered nearly every facet of our lives in both concrete and intangible ways.

Mobile app technology is easing those long-held anxieties, with 78 percent of men saying that apps allowed them to start a conversation with a guy that they otherwise wouldn't have.

But what about first generation apps' impact on the bar scene? First generation dating apps are viewed as the most promising place -- by far -- to find a hookup, with over 50 percent of the respondents ranking it number one in a list of several possible uses for these apps.

We asked how those apps changed the social lives of gay men and how they were most used.

The results from 537 single gay and bisexual men are illuminating.

Was it true, in terms of meeting potential dates, that the era of the gay bar and personal computer was ending?

And, if so, what kind of effect did it have on the way men connect?In fact, the LGBT community has surged ahead their straight counterparts, with only 61 percent of straight singles harboring any sort of intent of getting married.Furthermore, the marriage equality rulings have affected more than just the LGBT community.Until around 2010, my clients would frequently talk about meeting guys at bars or via online dating websites.In my view, it was no coincidence that this conversation started to shift when A) mobile dating apps hit the scene at approximately the same time that B) momentum was building towards major wins in the national equality movement.I, along with one of my colleagues, pored over hundreds of psychological studies over the past two years to gain insight into the impact of online technology on forming relationships.

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