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So, London has proved a happy hunting ground with a gold and two silver medals in the last century.The most publicised image of hockey through its history was undoubtedly the Wembley Women’s International matches played between 19 which saw 60,000 people attend Wembley stadium.

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While the basic format of the game remained largely unchanged for the first 100 or so years, recent years have seen many major changes; the introduction of league hockey in the 1960s/70s that took over from purely “friendly” fixture lists; technology improvements to stick, ball and GK equipment; rule changes (removal of offside, ‘sticks’ and obstruction rules have opened up the game), the introduction of Indoor Hockey and the move from grass to artificial pitches.

To see a Timeline depicting the development of hockey over the last 4 centuries go to The Hockey Museum website at

This must surely have happened in many parts of the world, either between just two people or in larger groups.

On frozen lakes with a very fast surface and before the advent of skates, some form of hockey on ice must have taken place.

Cricket was already established as a team game, indeed a club game, but there are definitely no references to a hockey club until Blackheath in 1862.

This is perhaps surprising, as a recognisable form of hockey was being played in schools at least 75 years previously.

The answer to these questions is that probably we will never know for sure.

There are records of people participating in a hockey-like activity dating back 4000 years.

Oddly enough though, Blackheath was not one of the founding clubs.

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