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This paternal nature stems from his experience in the Ishbal Civil War where he was forced to kill using his flame alchemy, despite having learned it to help people.After the war ended, Mustang resolved to protect his subordinates.However, after the final fight is over, a former comrade, Tim Marcoh, appears with a Philosopher's Stone and offers to use it to restore Mustang's eyesight on the condition that he promises that he will be a part of a movement to restore Ishbal.

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Mustang then moves on to the Führer's mansion and stages his fight.

Mustang is able to defeat Bradley when his son, Selim, unwittingly brings the skull of the man from which the Führer was created and weakens Bradley.

At the beginning of the series, he appears as a ruthless careerist and a womanizer.

However, he is known to bear strong feelings towards Riza Hawkeye, although he seldom shows it.

Mustang later confronts the homunculus Envy after learning that he was Hughes' true murderer—fueled by rage, Mustang easily defeats Envy.

As Mustang prepares to finish Envy, he is convinced by Hawkeye, along with Edward and Scar, not to kill him, not allowing his thirst for vengeance to consume him.

Since his introduction in the manga series, Mustang has been well received by readers, appearing second in each popularity poll from the series.

His character has also received praise in various outside media, with many of them focusing on his character and development in both manga and anime.

DISCLAIMER: I’m simply doing this for the love of Riza, Roy and FMA in general ROYAI TIDBITSa summary of significant Roy Ai scenes/revelations from the side stories in the game RIZA AND ED’S CONVERSATIONfull translation of the mini drama about fathers, alchemy, and Riza’s relationship with Roy MUSTANG & HAWKEYE STORY MODE DIALOGUESline-by-line translation of the dialogues from the game; includes a lot of teasing from Maes ill-timed appearance by Barry the Chopper (requested by @prettywitchiusaka​)FLAME ALCHEMY Q&A WITH HIROMU ARAKAWAcanon information about the source principles of flame alchemy ROYAI TIMELINEchronology of pre-series canon events related to Roy and Riza; mostly based on Perfect Guidebooks 2 3 and the manga itself Q&A: ROY MUSTANG’S PROPERTIESthe colonel Havoc and Breda reveal details about Roy’s residence, car ownership, and other assets META: BRADLEY’S “NICKNAME” FOR RIZAmini (re-)translation to verify how/what Bradley calls Riza in Chapter 48, Volume 12 (requested by @capthawkeye)META: “PLEASE DO NOT DIE, ALRIGHT?

is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Angered with how he was used in the war, Mustang decided to become the country's next leader.

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