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The lantana plant, a bright, sun-loving plant producing flowers in abundance and rewarding you with lots of color. Made to order for any bright patio with lots of sun.

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As a whole the ornamental plant Lantana will produce a bank of pleasing deep green. Department of Agriculture the common Lantana plant variety grown well in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11.

Garden centers begin stocking plants around May, planting outdoors depends on weather, since plants cannot handle frost. Most Lantana dies back when temperatures fall below 28 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Most grow back from their root system when warm weather returns.

Some of the new hardy lantana cultivars grow well in USDA zone 8.

As postmaster, Lyman named the post office – Lantana Point – for the wild Lantana plants that grew in abundance in the area. One of the other Lyman businesses was the Lantana Fish Company.

Lyman arrived with his family in 1888 and within a year started several enterprises including a general store, Indian Trading Post and a post office.

One variety with yellow flowers turns orange as they age and creates striking bicolor effect.

The woody, deciduous, perennial Lantana produces rather bushy growth which feels rough to the touch.

These cameras are intended to provide viewers with images of ocean and weather conditions along the coast at the inlets and adjacent beaches.

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