Sex chat in france - Rating dating complex

4-star (aka Girlfriend material): This is the girl that is very attractive, but not super hot.

In this post I will present the problem of recommendations in dating websites and its relation to the split-complex numbers.

The split-complex numbers are an extension of the real numbers similar to the complex numbers.

This girl is ugly, usually fat, boring and sucks in just about everyway possible.

If you don’t know a common-stock pig when you see one, you are destined to spend the rest of your life with one.

Also, we will assume that ratings are always reciprocal, i.e. However, we may still be interested in links between persons of the same gender as a measure of similarity.

For instance, two women are similar if they have rated the same men similarly.Therefore, we really need two kinds of relationships in this network: .The main idea of triangle closing is that when two edges are touching each other, we can predict a third edge such that a triangle is formed.A 1-star (common-stock pig) with a terrible personality qualifies as a Wildebeast. This is that loud, disgusting fat girl in the bar that smokes, orders complicated drinks and then spills them on everyone, and is generally just so annoying that you have to actively restrain yourself from kicking her in the crotch and stomping on her throat until she drowns on her own blood.There is no insult too mean or crude for her, and basic human rights do not apply to her.Too many men are the type that once they start fucking, they think the girl is cool because she likes having sex with them, and want to raise a woman’s rating.

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