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But we do know that so far, we were wrong about HB 972, and that’s good news for the public.

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Except, the second Rodrigue said the word “routes,” Newton started to smirk, as if it was a dirty word.

When he began his reply, it was clear he thought Rodrigue was out of her element for simply doing her job.

The throw was slightly behind Funchess, but he made a nice adjustment to pull down the ball before Butler got there, and crossed the goal line for a 16-yard score. And that’s all she was asking Newton to do: Answer a question about football.

Her gender had nothing to do with the question, and it shouldn’t have had anything to do with the answer.

Lawmakers made it clear that HB 972 was designed to protect police, and when Gov. But Mc Crory and some lawmakers also said the bill codified a process for releasing videos.

Pat Mc Crory signed the bill last July, he did so surrounded by members of the N. The law, Mc Crory said, “ensures transparency.” And so far at least, we’re happily wrong.Eric Rowe made first contact with Funchess three yards beyond the line of scrimmage, but Funchess lowered his shoulder and spun off Rowe to pick up the first down.The Panthers went on to score a touchdown that drive, a 10-yard throw to Funchess, who was wide open yet again out of that bunch formation.Two of them went for touchdowns against a Patriots defense that, last year at least, surrendered the fewest points in the NFL.Cam Newton could have picked any of these plays to highlight at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon, when he was asked a good question by Cam, I know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well.In the 12 months since HB 972 went into effect, the Observer has gone to court four times to get access to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department footage of police shootings.

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