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I will leave this message on every phone number they call me from.They're Website: getting difficult to keep up with all their phone numbers. 209-214-6155, 312-957-7311, 316-712-0238, 330-752-1927, 410-779-3599, 479-431-4459, 570-301-6003, 610-295-5284, 612-455-0924, 612-455-0929,612-455-0930, 612-455-0941, 614-335-4143, 651-379-0583, 660-223-0036, 662-553-4099, 706-955-4140, 707-200-4002, 763-746-9049, 781-836-4014, 786-837-7312, 800-513-6852, 800-516-4176, 800-850-1189, 800-868-9265, 814-806-1250, 845-652-5056, 866-398-9098, 877-207-6933, 877-208-4973, 877-209-4163, 877-540-3704, 877-796-2554, 877-796-2561, 877-798-4185, 877-891-2680, 888-850-1189, 916-912-4737, 952-345-5339, 952-358-5916, 952-460-7381 I just got this same message, only the phone number had been blocked and I could not reply by text. "Hey i got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am! If you wanna come see if you recognize me online at psychocutie_080. i am with telus, i think they should have some sort of record as to where these messages are coming from.

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I am getting phone calls from this number and "732-202-3181" every day monday through friday.

When you pick up, it goes busy...them back and it just rings and rings. Both numbers are reported on Caller ID as "V Dept". They call me numerous times a week from VARIOUS numbers. Typically when a debt collection company calls you it is via auto dialer.

Sometimes the computer drops the call before you are connected. Another dead sign of a collection company is “I’m calling in regards to a personal business matter.” Debt collection companies do no have to abide by the do not call registry, as they are calling to collect on a balance owed and the registry is to protect people from soliciting or people trying to sell you something.

Its stated clearly on the DO Not Call website under More information - Information for Consumers NOT CHARITIES, SURVEY'S POLITICAL CALLS OR DEBT COLLECTORS.

I was wanting to tell her to remove our number from their call list, but she was gone before I even got the chance.

Hopefully now that I have spoken to someone, the computers at this place will stop automatically calling.

So since I AM registered on the do not call registry thing I filed a complaint.

whats wierd is they didnt ask me for a statement, all they asked for was my name my phone number and my address and the number of whom I am calling about.

SOme people seem to have too much time on their hands.

More than likely it is the Police Benevolent Association.

I do not think that this person can target specifically male or female because they don't know who you are.

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