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Here's hoping Meghan takes Albert's insight into account.With all the media attention on the possibility of an upcoming engagement to Prince Harry, she'll certainly need it!When we went on family holidays together, we would take an hour on the first morning and give that to the photographers.

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But 31-year-old Hughes seems almost reassured by the knowledge his character has a built-in sell-by date. ) died at 42, from what at the time was diagnosed as typhoid fever. ‘This is the first time I’ve done a second series of anything. I pretty much hang out with the mates I’ve always hung out with.

But it’s great to come back to Albert, to tell a love story between two people trying to balance their personal feelings with such a strong sense of duty.’ Victoria was a hit first time round, pulling in excess of 7.5million viewers as it went head-to-head with Poldark in a Sunday night ratings battle and putting its Cornish rival in the shade. I still drink in the same pub I’ve drunk in…’ But surely he gets recognised in the street?

But he’s also a nimble subject-changer, so pinning him down on the nature of his on-screen chemistry with co-star Jenna Coleman is as tricky as the swordwork in Albert’s fencing scenes that punctuate the hit ITV drama.

The pair are dating in real life and sparked wedding rumours when she arrived at last week’s show launch with a ring on her wedding finger.

In the new series, some of their chemistry is manifested in the pillow talk that has Victoria teasing Albert about his ‘helmets’ (no sniggering please). You can see why Hughes wants to draw a line between work and home life — the intimacy portrayed between him and Coleman should be seen as a credit to their acting abilities.

‘You hope you’re going to work with actors you’re in tune with,’ he says diplomatically.talking about her past life (it included a yacht and plenty of time in Gstaad, obviously), but I mostly like to hear about who she’s dated. (Bustle reached out to the Monaco Royal Press Office for comment, but had not yet received a response.)Let it be said that a lot of Sonja’s stories can’t be validated — remember when she claimed she used to party with John F. Sonja’s own website claims that she had "escapades" with Prince Albert, along with “famous and influential men” like Richard Lewis, Eric Clapton, and John Mc Enroe.The money that Sonja had when she was married is long gone, as is the property and toys that came with it, but a good dating story? ‘Not, really.’ Keep those sideburns, Tom, and that won’t be the case for long.IT’S not hard to see why the first series of Victoria was such a hit.Judging by Sunday’s series two opener, I’d say yes.

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