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The CAD continues to be high mainly because of our excessive dependence on oil imports, the high volume of coal imports, our passion for gold, and the slow down in exports.

This year, and perhaps next year too, we have to find over USD 75 billion to finance the CAD.

Today, more than ever, I seek the same support as we navigate the Indian economy through a crisis that has enveloped the whole world and spared none.3. India is part of the global economy: our exports and imports amount to 43 percent of GDP and two-way external sector transactions have risen to 108 percent of GDP.

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During the course of my speech, I shall spell out measures that will address each of these issues.10. Red lines were drawn for the fiscal deficit at 5.3 percent of GDP this year and 4.8 percent of GDP in 2013-14. In a little while, I shall tell you how we have fared.11.

In September, 2012, Government accepted the main recommendations of the Dr. My greater worry is the current account deficit (CAD).

Now, there is a proposal to reduce it to $35 per day (around Rs 1,380) -- a Rs 400 cut per day -- according to sources.

Wipro, on the other hand, is hiring more local talent at client locations to reduce deployment of staff from India for onsite assignments.

As Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize-winning economist, said, "There is a compelling moral case for equity; but it is also necessary if there is to be sustained growth.

A country's most important resource is its people." We have examples of States growing at a fast rate, but leaving behind women, the scheduled castes, the scheduled tribes, the minorities, and some backward classes. The UPA Government believes in inclusive development, with emphasis on improving human development indicators.

I hope this Budget will be yet another testimony to that commitment.

Fiscal Deficit, Current Account Deficit and Inflation9.

Between 20, and again in 2009--11, the growth rate was over 8 percent and, in fact, crossed 9 percent in four of those six years.

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