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The easiest way to get more AA miles is to apply for this card again, or apply for other American Airlines cards, for example the AAdvantage Gold card with a 25,000-mile bonus.

After a few days, I re-applied and was approved for the same AAdvantage Platinum credit card.

After meeting the minimum spend on both cards, along with some other purchases here and there (general monthly spending), I was sitting happily with over 110,000 total miles. It’s important to note that American Airlines rewards redemptions are changing on March 22, but you still have plenty of points-friendly places available.

I’ve heard that traveling first-class is an unforgettable experience, and this is an easy way to at least make one leg of your trip in style.

If you’re traveling solo, it’s possible to fly first-class round-trip to domestic, Caribbean, Mexican, and Central/South American destinations.

Or a single luxurious round-trip first-class flight to an exotic destination in the Caribbean?

I’m going to tell you how I accrued over 110,000 AA miles in just 3 months, which is enough to do any of the above.

There are far too many methods to meet the minimum spend to cover in just one blog post, but some examples include purchasing gift cards, funding new checking or savings accounts, and using prepaid debit cards.

So, the Citi Platinum card has a 50,000-mile bonus, and you’ll get an additional 3,000 from the spending you’ll put on the card. It turns out that with this particular card, there’s a very important loophole to exploit.

Through my research, I stumbled upon the hobby of “travel hacking,” a term that I have mixed feelings about as a software engineer.

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