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(Laura hadn’t eaten a thing that night.) The worst thing was that Alex hadn’t changed after the talk; Natalie had.

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The pair's first encounter with the strange quality of the situation they're entering is when a strange object flies at their car's windshield while they're driving down a heavily wooded road.

At their destination, Chris begins noticing the weird interactions with Rose's parents — played by Keener and Whitford — and the distant, Stepford-like existence of the black people employed by the older couple.

So what better way to piss him and Laura's new evil stepmom off than by dating the school's bad girl? Her Nissan was only one of many things she had to share since her dad met Natalie. Besides the fact that she had liked anyone who could make her dad happy – God knows he deserved to be, after mourning her mother for eight years – she actually liked his date, with her blonde hair and kind, blue eyes.

She took to the driveway and contemplated taking her car, until she realized that Alex still had the keys.

A friend back home tells Chris that several black men have gone missing in the suburb he's visiting before things begin to spiral out of control into a violent attempt for escape.

aka I'm a slut for bad girl Carmilla, for fake relationships and for high school AUs. Natalie had shown interest in Laura from the moment they met, asking her about school and playing pranks on Laura’s dad with her.

Slowly, Laura could see the hate in Natalie’s eyes increasing and she could hear from Natalie’s voice that she was starting to despise Laura.

Apparently she was the only one whom it was clear to though, because when she talked to her dad about it, he told her that she was being ridiculous and that Natalie loved her.

His reaction was a little different from what Laura had expected: he had just sighed and told her, “I’ll discuss it with Natalie.” Laura had been taken aback by that.

She’d thought, at first, that this was all her fault.

He protected Natalie when Natalie used up all Laura’s bath salt, the salt that always helped her relax when she was stressing over school.

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