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In fact, Asterisk, an open source PBX software along with Free Pbx, the front end that runs Asterisk and also open source, has allowed manufacturers to build business phone systems for a fraction of the cost.

In our view, four FXO ports would suffice for a majority of small offices, who have 3 or 4 lines plus a fax line which goes directly to their fax machine and therefore not even need to connect through the appliance.

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For all of our SIP traffic we use homer for debugging and monitoring so we knew there is a better way.

Thanks to the integration of ISUP into homer we now have a single debugging and tracing tool for our developers and customer support.

Presented by Dan Christian Bogos Inbound: Outbound: Flexibility: The Most Flexible Solution For Your Call Center Needs Voicenter Connect: If you need to update your Older IP based PBX but don’t want the trouble of swapping out hardware – Voicenter connect can help bring the features of the future to you.

All these are part of many other new, exciting and customizable features included in Voicenter services!

Presented by Nikola Pachedzhiev Exploring the capturing capabilities of Open SIPS 2.3 in terms of non-SIP traffic with Homer6 - collecting data from transport layer (TLS/WSS), from REST query level, from Management Interface level.

A complex set of data, with the ability of correlating all the information around the SIP calls, that proves to be a holly grail when comes to operating and troubleshooting SIP platforms.

Of course with any software upgrade on a production system, you will want to ensure that you have a current full backup before proceeding.

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