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In "Bad Little Boy," an alternate Gunter in Ice King's fiction story is seen being ridden by Fionna and Cake.In "I Remember You" Gunter is being held and sung to by Ice King, who is wearing a Marceline wig.

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Oraglorg tried to fight the Catalyst Comet but was brought back to Earth as a penguin and appears to be harmless and has lost all memory of Orgalorg.

In "King's Ransom," Gunter is kidnapped by Betty Grof and Ice King needs the help from Finn and Jake to get him back.

The Ice King's response is "Gunter, who told you you could fly?

" Gunter appears in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" and is very sick, but it later turns out that he/she "was preggers". Gunter re-appears in the episode "Still," trying to mess with the potions Ice King brought to freeze Finn and Jake.

," one of Gunter's known duties is being a stand for the Ice King's video game machine.

Gunter also tries to warn the Ice King that Finn and Neptr are in the room. " when Ice King says, "Gunter, dispose of Finn's carcass." Gunter appears again in "It Came from the Nightosphere," where his/her soul is almost stolen and is dubbed "by far, the most evil thing I've encountered" by Hunson Abadeer, and thrown at the Ice King.

Being banished, Orgalorg fell to Earth and was crushed by the Earth's gravity, thus creating the appearance of a penguin.

Despite Ice King fixing his/her head Gunter's brain came out even more in "Hot Diggity Doom/The Comet". Orgalorg played as the main antagonist in this two-parter.

Ice King sings a cover of "Fry Song," replacing many of the words with "Gunt," and Gunter starts chewing on the wig.

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