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Is there a way for uc_paypal.module (and, presumably, other payment gateway modules who all store their errors in a different format) to percolate that more specific error up the stack so that uc_credit.module can display it to an end user, and they have some clue how to proceed?I can't find that now, but let me summarize: When you log on to a computer (or a Drupal site for that matter) you are asked for a name and password. The same goes for credit card information, only more so. $nvp_response = uc_paypal_api_request($nvp_request, variable_get('uc_paypal_wpp_server', '')); # HACK. This comes up from time-to-time, and at some point I wrote an eloquent explanation of why it shouldn't be changed. This is deliberate; Telling you which one is wrong is the same as confirming that the other one is correct.

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If you tell the customer his ZIP code was entered incorrectly, that tells a potential identity thief exactly what part of the stolen card information needs to be changed to have that credit card work on *any* site.

Not only do you not want to expose to the customer what validations are being made, but you don't want to give a malicious customer a test bed for verifying *and correcting* stolen card information.

Address validation for integrated payment gateways is fairly straightforward, there are plenty of tutorials out there, but in for this project we needed to work with a hosted payment gateway.

In this example we use Pay Pal Express, but the approach would be similar for other gateways.

The challenge here is that for hosted payment gateways, the billing/shipping addresses are entered off-site and passed back to your Order Review page.

Since Pay Pal controls the address input form in this scenario, it’s impossible to catch validation errors right away.

EDIT: catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/pp_2. But seemed the code missing "State" then paypal said it's a wrong not Process payments. It scares the customer and won't let the customer checkout at all. Paypal expects state to be the 2 letter iso code i believe Unfortunately for as popular as the paypal standard checkout system is,.. Entering the info twice will annoy quite a few and Im sure I could lose a % of customers completely or just from returning.

I have checked code again change "address_override" value from 0 to 1,address could pass to paypal now. My code: I do not recommend using the address_override. If the address doesn't match the exact way they have it in their system, they will completely reject the order with a cryptic error that makes it sound like the merchant's account is bad. I got a issue the seems relevant to the title of this post I've been setting up opencart with paypal and I got it all running but when testing the shopping cart in guest mode to simulate all those impatient customers that want snappy results or they are gone this is a problem for me and some of my customers opencart makes me enter my name and address 1st then when I select paypal I got to enter my name and address info again.

We frequently and consistently evaluate the auctions platform to ensure a fair and open marketplace.

At iamota we recently added some functionality to a Magento 1 website that would allow the client to add address validation rules, such as preventing the use of PO Box shipping addresses.

First, this could mean that your Pay Pal account needs to be verified. You can follow these steps to add a bank account: 1.

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