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40 pictures inside of Dustin Johnson and his family celebrating the win…

The American golfer Dustin Johnson captured the PGA Tour’s season opener overnight.

Rebecca Blackwell/AP MURRELLS INLET – Not only did Dustin Johnson take a break from his new reign as No. ’ He sat there and took pictures with the trophy with every kid in the tournament. “And that’s no disrespect to all the other great players.

1 golfer in the world to pop in here at the Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship last month, he flew in with his 2016 U. Open trophy.“He was like a kid,” said Allen Terrell, Johnson’s coach and golf school partner. But when Dustin is wedging it and putting well, he’s going to be there every Sunday.”Some of the credit for Johnson’s personal growth goes to his future in-laws, hockey icon Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky, wife Janet and all five Gretzky kids.

Dustin Johnson signs autographs for fans as he leaves the ninth hole after practicing at Chapultepec Golf Club a day before the start of the Mexico Championship. Warm and fuzzy isn’t how anyone outside of Johnson’s closest friends would have described the Columbia native and former Coastal Carolina University golfer a few years ago. He has embraced fatherhood and climbed to the top of golf rankings for the first time.

He went on to win the tournament earlier this month. He was better known for aloofness stemming from a troubled youth and odd mishaps in major tournaments that caused him to fall just short of enormous potential. At 32, Johnson has matured, tweaked his game, become engaged and won the 2016 U. Pick against him to slip into a Masters green jacket on April 9 at your own risk.“If he won every major this year, honestly it wouldn’t shock me,” Terrell said.

Needing to break in new irons and a new driver, Johnson arrived early and played six practice rounds.

(That also allowed him to spend some quality time with his new squeeze Paulina Gretzky.)” And she’s been there for a while, she posted a photo of herself in a bikini captioned “Aloha” a week ago, probably while she and Johnson were spending some quality time before the event.Golf is also reporting that Gretzky was present at the lollapalooza and followed Johnson as he golfed the course.There are no photos of the couple together yet, but we assume Paulina will post one on her Instagram any day now.slyly reported yesterday that pro-golfer Dustin Johnson is dating Wayne Gretzky's daughter, and social media star, Paulina Gretzky.reporter Alan Shipnuck reported on the 36-hole lollapalooza in Hawaii that kicked off the PGA's 2013 season, and added this little tidbit (emphasis ours): "If the laid-back Johnson looked strangely comfortable on the Plantation Course it comes from the extra time he's spent here.He struggled through his parents’ difficult divorce, got in trouble as a juvenile and missed a lot of school. Personal trainer Joey Diovisalvi is part of the Dustin Johnson tour team.

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