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I’m so thankful to David for all of the enrichment he brought into my life and showing me that I can happily live with a man.' On her own again: Before Krause, the New Jersey native was engaged to Andy Friedman until splitting in 2010.

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"David was opposite to me in so many ways and at first, that's what really attracted me to him...

Don't get me wrong, of course we had shared interests like working out, photography and movies.

At our centers, though, we were completely different people," she admitted.

"Different can feel sexy and dangerous and compelling, but at the end of the day, you need to build a life with someone who has the same vision for their life as you do.

And he was great at speaking those love languages...

Next, Stanger insists "opposites might attract but they don't last"—and she has a good reason why.

Instead she spent a lot of time talking about RHONY and how she was friends with both Jill and Bethenny. She talked about Bethenny’s dating life, she talked about Bethenny’s friendships, then she talked some more about Bethenny. She also decided to throw in “the feud” between Bethenny and Jill.

She apparently talked a lot about Bethenny and how they were very close until Bethenny talked about her personal business to people and she felt betrayed. She said things that upset Jill when Jill already has enough to worry about.

The TV icon then confirmed the break on her Instagram account by sharing a photo where the former athlete was kissing her head.

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