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Another refusal was based almost entirely on an old marriage interview during which my client forgot when his same sex partner last went to the dentist.

I see gay asylum seekers who came to the UK as students, discover the freedom of living openly and only then realise they cannot return home.

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Immigration departments and Courts all around the world told gay asylum seekers to go home and be discreet – to live in the closet.

But this began to change with new international jurisprudence.

Of course, persecution because of sexual orientation or gender identity is not a distant memory in the UK.

Indeed, it was not until 2003 that all homophobic sexual offences legislation was finally repealed.

I have had clients disbelieved because they said they liked same sex classmates in primary school: "Too young to have these feelings" the Home Office refusal read.

I have had clients disbelieved because they said they were attracted to boys at age 10 but later said they knew they were gay at age 14 – this was inconsistent, the Home Office determined.

But time and again I see interviewers pushing for accounts of long term relationships or clandestine gay sex in countries where it is punishable by death.

Interviewers do this either by asking direct questions or only finishing a line of questioning once a client has provided detailed information about a sexual relationship.

Only in January this year did the UK Government decide to posthumously pardon thousands of gay men convicted of offenses based on old laws criminalising 'homosexuality'.

Such history should engender compassion in the UK for individuals fleeing countries where such laws and attitudes still exist, but sadly this is not playing out in the way the Home Office assesses LGBT asylum claims. For many years those who feared return to their countries because of their sexual orientation were told they could return and keep quiet about it.

And if the Home Office is obsessed with consistency they should certainly be worried about their own.

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