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The wonderful feeling you get when you are moving and enjoying yourself.

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She told me that now guys on the streets stare at her in the most disturbing way. I have field tested this a lot both in encounters where the woman was trying to raise her own value artificially by trying to have me compete with other guys on the mental level and in relationships where she was trying to have me jealous in order to control me or betaise me.

She wanted me to go with her to play squash but that evening I was very busy. Each single time it works perfectly: the same chick who tells you about that wonderful guy, Mark is soon asking from you questions like: ”Listen, are you going with Jane to practice squash next week?

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If you react in any way at this stage you will come out as reactive to her game and that´s game on for her!

– After the delay while in the middle of another totally unrelated conversation with her insert a rich description of yours.I could feel how the guys were staring at me while entering the aerobic room. ”Something guys do not know is that by using rich descriptions a woman – consciously or unconsciously, it doesn’t matter! We have examples of the same process in many animal species and the mean used by the female of our species is: rich and descriptive hypnotic talk.If you go with your wife to the market and you are a provider to her you will notice for example that by richly describing the items she likes she will slowly have you into hypnotic state, which will probably have you to spend more money on the item than what you wanted.For this reason you can put this advice in practice only by practicing full awareness.– When she is rich describing something ask from yourself: which is her purpose, is there a purpose in it.Women may describe richly all what´s around without a purpose in mind of they have a clear purpose behind their speech.At best it goes well when you link it “innocently” to something she is talking about.– For example she is talking about the importance of taking care of own health and then suddenly you go like this: ”Yes!

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