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Create some late night crazy stories by writing one line of a tale and the other friend will write the next and so on.

At the end you will be having a long senseless story which will be nothing but memories when you will be reading it after a long time. Skills required for this– You must possess Humor, Creativeness, Imagination and the most important presence of mind while playing.#4 Rapid-Fire This game is best to play with someone on personal chat rather than in groups.

The first one has to sing a song and the another one have to start from the last letter of the song (in case you don’t know how to play).

Enjoy this game in groups and make your friends sing or you may also play it by just texting the lyrics to one another ( for those who are shy in singing). Switch your character with one of your group member (switch your dps too) and personify him/her in the ways the talk, their tagline and make fun of them.

If you are new to online gaming, whether social or otherwise or if you’ve been gaming for a while, realize that online chat games have much to offer you.

There is no reason to have really to feel lonely or miss out on meeting people while you interact with your games online.

These entertaining whatsapp group games don’t cost a thing, and can strengthen your friendships, so you must try them out.

Here are the 10 games to play on whatsapp with your friends and of-course the best whatsapp games for lovers.#1 Antakshri One of our traditional game which you must have enjoyed on events and functions.

For those of you wondering about the popularity of online chat games, much of their growth in the market has to do with the growth of the online gaming market in general.

Since there is such a popular demand for online games, the market increasingly almost over meets the demand of most gamers, offering games of all sorts that fit the needs and interests of almost any person.

Increased technological capabilities offer gamers excellent graphics and high-quality story lines that exceed the expectations of most users.

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