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If there is a descriptor for XYZ.onion (the hidden service could also be offline or have left long ago, or there could be a typo in the onion address), the client now knows the set of introduction points and the right public key to use.

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At this point it is of special importance that the hidden service sticks to the same set of entry guards when creating new circuits.

Otherwise an attacker could run his own relay and force a hidden service to create an arbitrary number of circuits in the hope that the corrupt relay is picked as entry node and he learns the hidden server's IP address via timing analysis.

Step five: The hidden service decrypts the client's introduce message and finds the address of the rendezvous point and the one-time secret in it.

The service creates a circuit to the rendezvous point and sends the one-time secret to it in a rendezvous message.

We investigate which sites are more or less vulnerable to fingerprinting and which features make them so.

We find that there is a high variability in the rate at which sites are classified (and misclassified) by these attacks, implying that average performance figures may not be informative of the risks that website fingerprinting attacks pose to particular sites.

One of the reasons for not using the introduction circuit for actual communication is that no single relay should appear to be responsible for a given hidden service.

This is why the rendezvous point never learns about the hidden service's identity.

In general, the complete connection between client and hidden service consists of 6 relays: 3 of them were picked by the client with the third being the rendezvous point and the other 3 were picked by the hidden service.

There are more detailed descriptions about the hidden service protocol than this one.

See also Zooko's conjecture that out of Decentralized, Secure, and Human-Meaningful, you can achieve at most two.

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