One year of dating

Set aside a whole day, turn off the phone and don’t answer the door.Stock up on great food, decorations movies or whatever it is that spells a relaxing vacation at home for the two of you.There’s nothing necessarily wrong with celebrating an anniversary with dinner or flowers, but wouldn’t you like to do something a little more creative?

It shouldn’t reflect other people’s wishes or desires.

How others choose to celebrate simply does not matter.

Learn how to keep your partner coming back for more. If you met for burgers last year, go for steak this year. Find a website with information on old television shows, music and more to jog your memories.

Talk to one another about the year that’s gone by and your hopes for the year ahead. It can be fun and intimate to share these old favorites with your partner especially when you find new and unexpected common ground.

The celebration that best expresses who you are as a couple is the one to choose. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her family and scrapbooking with her friends.

I am on a mission for everyone in my path to have EPIC Dating, Love & Relationships.

People can be nice when they want something but they can only pretend for so long. Word for the wise.6 Months, 1 Year, does it really matter. Anything you find inside after its been unwrapped, you take and make the best out of it. Weev, Sorry you lost your spouse,sounds like he was a great husband!

I met my wife in NYSC camp in July,by July the next year,we were married and have remained so till date,9 years after.

(23071 Views) This Soon-to-wed Bride Dating A Triplet Can’t Keep Calm (photos) / When A Girl Is Dating A Guy Who Is Not Ready For Marriage / Dating Someone With Bad Teeth! You see, after all the games, a woman finally gets desperate to settle down while, for the man, its the beginning of life! There is no point rushing into anything only to rush out.

A woman will not mind settling with u in weeks sef, saying she's found the soul-mate that she's been searching for since the last 10-15 yrs, A man will want to date for at least 2yrs cos women can hide their true behaviours, i've seen couples that dated for over 4yrs b4 anything oh whitelexi: Depends on which sex is involved. I understand the part about God, but don't expect God to clean up your every mistake.

Your life is a wild ride, so you might as well make it epic!

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