Objectdatasource onupdating gridview

Note that HTML entities can be used in the text, but by design no HTML formatting, such as or , can be used.You can, however, use entitized special characters.In other words, to drag the target panel users drag and drop the handle panel.

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In the sample just shown, the drop-down user interface is a Panel that contains a list of link buttons. Link and push buttons, and indeed embedded controls in general, operate normally.

(See Figure 5-10.) Buttons are by far one of the most common elements in ASP. However, as pages become functionally richer, additional features are required for buttons to stay in sync with users’ expectations. NET AJAX provides a few extenders that apply to submit buttons and to the pseudo-buttons that form a Check Box element.

Last week, I spent three days crisscrossing Louisiana on a . I made stops in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette, and I had a great time interacting with the LA .

NET community (that’s LA as in the state, not the city). The slides from my Louisiana talks are available below, but most of the demos I used were borrowed from other great minds in the .

In most cases, though, you’ll be using the same header panel with an image button that changes according to the state of the content panel.

The following code snippet shows a more complete usage for the extender: The Image Control ID indicates the Image control, if any, that if clicked causes the panel to expand or collapse.Providing HTML formatting makes no sense because the confirmation dialog box is basically a non-HTML Windows Message Box call.Internally, the Confirm Button extender sets a handler for the onsubmit event of the form and swallows the event if the user doesn’t confirm the operation.NET page attach some script code to the button to pop up a Java Script message box with a confirmation message.The Confirm Button extender greatly simplifies this common task by making it declarative: The Confirm Text property specifies the text of the message box being displayed as the user clicks the button.The contents of the panel are entirely up to you-typically, arranged as a menu.

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