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Once a popular place for nudist families, the seals draw visitors, but from the end of the breakwaters is a good distance and safe.

I do, however, want to pursue my desire to walk and swim and subathe freely without harrassment - so who is right? Cheers Gerry Adam (13 May) you would not look out of place, and very probably you would not be on your own although there may not be a lot of people present; the latter varies. If afterwards it doesn't appeal to you, fair enough. I as a naturist, have come across just about every shaped body you could imagine. People who live within "Normal society" will have suffered some sort of ridicule. Thanksnaturism for me has always been freedom from clothes and the everyday. I try to get out in the garden nude,and we visit nudest beaches when we are on holiday,this is mainly On a Greek island or Spain,we have been to Holkham bay that is where we started to enjoy naturism some 30 years ago The 1st time was in Fuerteventura and no one was about, The sea looked inviting and I didn't want wet Swimming trunks.

You would want to decide for yourself how it feels, but I suspect you will enjoy the experience. Yet amongst naturists they accept there own body and those around them as natural. I have to say the experience was exhillerating and i felt very confident afterwards. I have been a naturist for the last 30 years the feeling of the sun and sand on your slin is somthing everyone shhould try once in ther life.

I like to enjoy the sunshine and the freedom to sunbathe without a costume," he said.

My girlfriend and I went to Studland out of curiosity.

Let them who wish, free themselves of the bigotry of "normal society". Going natural is common in wilderness areas of Canada, and getting more common all the time. I want to go to a naturist beach but i cannot pick up the courage to as a mate to come with me. Because the temperatures will vary, so will the feeling of the air on the body. Also the feeling when occasionally one part of the body touches another.

Sometimes part of one's leg or arm brushes against another part of the skin and this too can produce a very pleasant sensation.When i went naked, and met people who accepted me for the person i was, and in the body i had...although scarred, i began to recover.Being naked isnt about showing off a model body, and being an ideal shape, it is about feeling free and comfortable in your own skin.Bare Britain, a guide to the UK's best naturist resorts and beaches, highlights the Broadlands resort near Norwich as one of the top five resorts for naturists to visit, with the sands at Holkham rated in the top five beaches featured in the guide."With so many beautiful beaches around our coastline as well as friendly clubs in great locations around the country, we hope this guide will inspire many more Britons to give bare bathing a go," he said."It's a fantastic expanse of soft sand and you're free to walk for miles along the coast there.My family have grown up with naturism and they love it there.Someone who finds others (and possibly her own) body disgusting is sad.

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