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Looking for a male friend above 70 I am 38 and my lady friend is 68. This is a Free Canadian Social Network Make web connections with anyone!! We are at a stage in our lives (late 30's early 40's) where our kids are getting older and we have more time for ... Looking for native English speaker under 30 to improve English.

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While Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia all hover around the national average, there are some towns in Alberta where women drastically outnumber men.

University of Alberta sociology and demography Prof.

"Women will come out to just about everything and women bring friends. they don't want the competition." The 42-year-old – who is dating a man 14 years her junior – suggests taking that route as another option.

While she didn't meet her man through work, Young notes clients often tell her they're very much attracted by the maturity and confidence of an older woman.

Meet Market Adventures spokeswoman Mitzi Young said group networking activities for singles, like the ones her company organizes, are a great way to meet like-minded people.

From city walking tours and sushi-making courses to weekend trips to New York City and skydiving adventures, Young said there's something for everyone.

The new statistics show that a Canadian woman's odds of finding a man are on a downward slide.

The male-female ratio hasn't been even in Canada for 35 years. Right, the odds are best in the Northwest Territories – 104.9 men to 100 women – and worst in Nova Scotia, where women outnumber men 100 to 92.9.

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