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The HP is performing regular LU's although a few times they have failed to download but it's at least protected.The other two I am reluctant to leave on for any length of time.

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Live Update can only apply updates for a particular version of Norton; it cannot however upgrade a version of Norton to a later version (for example Norton Internet Security 2006 to 2009).

To upgrade the product to the latest version, one would have to go to a separate website.

Symantec holds at least one patent related to Live Update: Use of Polymorphic Package Files To Update Software.

A valid subscription is required to use Symantec Live Update.

Symantec Live Update can be run in Interactive Mode or in Express Mode.

In Interactive mode, users decide which updates to download and apply.Last time on remote I was told I was not allowed to have v21.7 update. I have two subscriptions, one for both desktops and one on the laptop. My last three contacts with support I've asked to be contacted via e-mail yet they still call instead.How does one tell someone you can't understand 50 percent of what they say? Hi jaydee109, I am no longer on NIS ( I have ungraded to NSBU), so the settings location has been changed.Users can restart within the Live Update interface.Norton 2006 through 2008 products included a Live Update Notice component, which notifies users of new product versions and subscription status.Hi F4E, All three machines have same time, zones and dates. Now if I had a manual on how it works or means I might be able to accomplish something.

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