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I am quite bad at cooking, it always ends in disaster. I am looking for someone who is kind and caring, in general a guy who can put up with me. Someone who has a good head on their shoulders and knows what they want in life.

I love cats and pandas, they are my favorite animals.

If you would like to appeal your grade, your first step is to visit with the instructor.

If you cannot resolve the issue with the instructor, the next step would be to file a formal appeal.

To qualify for the Dean’s List or President’s List, you must be registered and complete at least 12 credits.

The Dean’s list is for a student completing the term with a GPA of 3.5 to 3.74.

You must do so within 30 days of the semester posting by filling out the Student Appeal form.

Please see a Northland Advisor/Counselor or refer to the Grade Appeal policy for more information.Financial aid will need be appealed and an Academic Improvement Plan will be required.Please see a Northland Advisor/Counselor or refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for more information. I 'am so very excited about rekindling my love life. Drinking from one cup allows me to enjoy the full flavor and the essence of the person of my in interest.With a Warning status, you can still register or stay registered for the next semester with certain restrictions.

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