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Note: The technique to flash custom firmware in this article is not exclusively limited for Nokia 5800XM only.

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2/9/2009 In last couple of weeks, my Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic has been having a weird problem.

The screen goes fuzzy (all the pixels get jumbled up).

But now we’ve got high res screens and can afford wider fonts, narrow, sharp fonts look much less appealing than their plumper, rounder counterparts.

The curviness of “Century Gothic” [Very similar to “Prelude”, used in Palm Pre I think] is often found in children’s books because of the emphasis on classic alphabet shapes and thus readability.

However, this version doesn’t offer any additional function but some minor performance enhancement upgrade.

Direct comparison to my friend’s 5800XM who still use firmware version 20 (she never bother to upgrade her phone firmware), shows a very significant performance enhancement.

This price includes all genuine accessories, 18 month warranty, additional leather cover and genuine Garmin GPS software.

Several months later, I bought Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision to be paired with 5800XM.

Symbian has a contributed font, but we chose Verdana since it renders the new theme so beautifully.2) I owe you one–you caught an error in the design and in the UICP: when on the home screen, the back button changes to the Application Switcher icon. When I can, I blog here at and tweet now and again @jaymontano.

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