Nick lachey who is he dating

Pop singers Nick and Jessica had a whirlwind romance in the early 2000s.

He ended it with the simplified message -- and, of course, with an obligatory hashtag. And despite one or two "hiccups" in their relationship during the dating phase, these two have been a consistent item. a decade is a good amount of time to wait while dating before getting married.

(Not just a few months, as the Duggars like to rush weddings because they do everything wrong) But that's just a general guideline.

You may say Nick Lachey's a dreamer, but he's not the only one. It depends on your relationship with you brother, but thankfully we're very, very close. And changing a nasty diaper with a hangover is not a fun deal.

We've always wanted to do a bar—especially in our hometown. I've definitely backed off the drinking as a result.

After their first week of dancing together, “Extra” caught up with Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd at their rehearsal, where he dropped a slim-down confession!

Nick shared, “I’ve lost, like, 12 pounds." Lachey’s wife Vanessa is also competing this season.

Nick and Jessica were followed everywhere by cameras to film their show, and doing that so early on proved to be disastrous.

(Kind of like what happened with Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins, to be honest -- history loves to repeat itself) There were a lot of factors behind Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's breakup.

Nick was reeling from his success as a singer in the boy band 98 Degrees and eventually started his own solo career, while Jessica’s singing career was also beginning to take off.

After their lavish Hollywood wedding, they both decided to take on a reality television show as newlyweds and could be found in the living rooms of home all over America.

And we're big sports guys so we always wanted it to have a sports dynamic. I actually read for a pilot for which De Vito was the director. There's no better city to day drink in than New York because no one really judges you at any hour. A., people judge you when you drink in the morning. Have you ever done the watermelon, where you put vodka in it? Now I only do it for the heart health reasons: two to three drinks a day, that's it [ I'm honored by that? I mean, that show was obviously kind of a chapter in peoples' lives.

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