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There are people with high school diplomas and people with college degrees.There are those who are working toward higher education at all levels and those working as professionals in all kinds of career fields.A You Tube video uploaded to the official channel of the Navy Information Operations Command at Norfolk warns service members of the dangers of posting operationally sensitive information on the internet. OSPEC, military speak for Operational Security, is any information, classified or otherwise, that couple jeopardize military operations or the safety of U.

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Men in uniform are real people, not romantic movie characters. “Make sure this is something you want to do and that you want to be there to support him.” Like all relationships, military relationships aren’t always easy.

Any member of the military is likely to deploy or relocate at some point in his career, leaving a relationship in imminent danger of becoming long-distance.

When the two went to the Navy Ball and the other officers found out about Melendez’s Army connection, they teased, “We won’t hold it against you.” “Matt bought me a Navy hat to try and speed up the transition,” Melendez joked. But most of the time they’ll say that we’re all in the same military, fighting for the same cause.” There’s no doubt that dating someone in the military can be as tough as an organic chemistry class, but it’s got its perks, too.

“I like that he has an established career, he knows what he wants, and he’s very patriotic about it,” Melendez says.

Navy Reservists are highly motivated men and women who are dedicated to the defense of the nation and who reflect the diversity of the nation in so many ways.

There are individuals of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.So when she wanted to take Ramsey to Puerto Rico with her family, she knew to tell him three months in advance so he could take leave (ask for vacation time), even though she wishes it could have been a surprise.And because of her family history with the army, Melendez and Ramsey share a friendly Army-Navy rivalry.“I don’t like having to worry if he’s coming home.” The typical college girl might pine for her man while they’re separated for winter break, but Keller has endured six long months without so much as a hug from her boyfriend, a feat even veteran long-distance couples would admire. In the beginning, “rough” wouldn’t come close to describing the effect on their relationship. “We wouldn’t talk every day because it was expensive and there was such a time difference.I didn’t see anything of him for months, just the pictures his friends posted, and that wasn’t even very often.“He doesn’t show fear, which I guess can be a plus and minus, but he’s stable through hard times.

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