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In November of that year, he sent that list to Cameron Barrett.

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7 september 2000 In 1998 there were just a handful of sites of the type that are now identified as weblogs (so named by Jorn Barger in December 1997).

Jesse James Garrett, editor of Infosift, began compiling a list of "other sites like his" as he found them in his travels around the web.

A weblog editor had either taught herself to code HTML for fun, or, after working all day creating commercial websites, spent several off-work hours every day surfing the web and posting to her site. Such links are nearly always accompanied by the editor's commentary.

An editor with some expertise in a field might demonstrate the accuracy or inaccuracy of a highlighted article or certain facts therein; provide additional facts he feels are pertinent to the issue at hand; or simply add an opinion or differing viewpoint from the one in the piece he has linked.

With a click, Blogger will post the...whatever..the writer's website, archive it in the proper place, and present the writer with another empty box, just waiting to be filled.

Contrast this with the web interface of Metafilter, a popular community weblog.

More and more people began publishing their own weblogs. Suddenly it became difficult to read every weblog every day, or even to keep track of all the new ones that were appearing.

Cameron's list grew so large that he began including only weblogs he actually followed himself. In early 1999 Brigitte Eaton compiled a list of every weblog she knew about and created the Eatonweb Portal.

Typically this commentary is characterized by an irreverent, sometimes sarcastic tone.

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