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The dramatic disparities at issue in sextortion cases all have, we argue in this paper, either the same root cause or a common exacerbating factor: the absence of a federal sextortion law.

They also all have the same solution: Congress should pass such a law, incorporating elements already present in federal sexual abuse, extortion, child pornography, and abusive sexual contact statutes.

The [Trump administration's] proposals don't call for constant monitoring once someone is in the country.

It is listed as a sin here and in other passages (along with idolatry, theft, greed, lying, and sexual perversion).

While the next verse from the above passage is quick to point out that although some Christians used to practise those sins—that they have since been "justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ" and are thus forgiven their sins—extramarital sex has historically been considered to be one of the more serious and damaging sins, possibly because of passages like 1 Corinthians that speak of it as sinning against one's own body. Traditional interpretations of Islamic law (or Sharia) prescribe severe punishments for zina, or extramarital sex, by both men and women.

Where extramarital sexual relations breach a sexual norm, it may also be referred to as adultery (sexual acts between a married person and a person other than the spouse), fornication (sexual acts between unmarried people), philandery, or infidelity.

These terms may also carry moral or religious consequences in civil or religious law.

16% of married partners have had extramarital sex, nearly twice as many men as women, while an additional 30% have fantasized about extramarital sex.

There were also studies that have shown rates of extramarital sex as low as 2.5%.

Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department can tell you the scope of the problem or the number of prosecutions.

Moreover, the document focuses exclusively on the problem of sextortion as a species of child exploitation, ignoring the many adults victimized. The 78 cases we reviewed alone involve at least 1,397 victims.

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?

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