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Bhadase Sagan Maraj, a Brahman and an early sugar-union leader, acquired considerable wealth through his dealings with Americans and became a leader in East Indian political and religious affairs.

As Indo-Trinidadians became increasingly "European" or "cosmopolitan" in lifestyle, their newly acquired wealth made it possible for some to seek out their South Asian heritage.

Many young people, however, began to express dissatisfaction at what were seen as "old-fashioned" practices such as arranged marriage, virilocality, and caste restrictions on diet and intermarriage.

By 1985, the total population of Trinidad and Tobago exceeded half a million people.

Those who considered themselves (or were considered by census takers) to be of solely African or solely Indian descent were approximately equal in numbers: 215,132 "Negroes" and 215,613 "East Indians." Linguistic Affiliation.

At that time, too, Standard Hindi began to be taught in Hindu schools.

Sanskrit continues to be used in Hindu religious services.When slavery ended, the sugar cultivators attempted to continue the system by utilizing indentured laborers.Muslims as well as Hinduswere brought to Trinidad from South Asia.The practice of indenture came to an end in Trinidad in 1920, by which time approximately 143,900 men and women had been brought from South Asia.The majority were recruited in the north, primarily from Bihar, the United Provinces, and Bengal.The immigrant indentured laborers spoke a number of Indic languages, and a few spoke Tamil, a Dravidian language.

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