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The potential date is paid by the dater for the number of minutes he or she lasted on the date (1 minute = 1 dollar).If the person is not “nexted,” then they’re allowed to either go on a second date or take the money and run.The action inside of the RV is filmed as well, giving the contestants a chance to debrief their dates (if they’re nexted) slash talk about all the dumb stuff people talk about on reality TV.

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"I remember the girl started crying after the second take.

I really didn't care much about what was gonna happen.

But she started crying, and I couldn't figure out why."If anything, she had practice saying no: All of the guys on his episode were instantly was the live Tinder, for sure," he said.

The idea that a barely-remembered MTV dating show could be so strongly predictive of a web dating phenomenon seems farfetched.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the channel is giving the show a second chance at life.

MTV has apparently posted a casting notice for a new season the show.

" Once he got on set, he was given lines to say on the bus and off — all scripted, he said.

But his portrayal on the show wasn't quite true to life."You know, when you get off the bus, the name and traits [MTV displayed on screen]? "It said that I'm a Christian, and that I like to have sex in movie theaters.

I was like, okay, can't do anything about it."Unlike Palmer, Ark was instantly ed, a term for when a contestant got eliminated before he or she could say one word.

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