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The Demo Service will transition seamlessly into the 3-month All Access Trial Subscription, which will automatically start after a sold record is received.Download the Sirius XM Dealer App: Send a refresh signal to the radio by just scanning the VIN.

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*Trial length and service availability may vary by model, model year or trim.

The MY18 XC90/S90/V90 are activated from the factory.

Combine this with the LDW and this thing sounds like R2-D2 at a Morse Code convention (Sorry about that. Instead of beeping buttons I would prefer dials or knobs, but it’s no big deal. Even in wet conditions it is easy to see where you are heading, and the distortion is not so great that it’s hard to tell how close you really are to giving that Mini behind you a nasty dent.

Nitpicking aside, the air conditioner/heater controls are easy to master and work just fine.

Go Online or Call: You can also refresh radios by visiting our online refresh site at or by calling Sirius XM Dealer Support at 1-800-852-9696.

Find the radio ID by turning to Channel 0 or visiting If it’s your first time ordering, you will need to set up an account with a username and password. Existing subscribers can activate a trial, add a new radio to their account, cancel service on an old vehicle, and apply any unused credits to their new vehicle’s service.

Plus, listening on the app and online is included, so they’ll hear the best Sirius XM has to offer.* MY17 vehicles equipped with navigation will receive a 4-year trial subscription to Sirius XM Traffic and Sirius XM Weather or Travel Link.

All certified pre-owned (CPO) satellite radio-equipped vehicles are eligible for a 3-month trial subscription to the Sirius All Access package.

If a vehicle radio is not active, follow the pre-owned activation instructions.

PRE-OWNED VEHICLESFactory Installed: Refresh the radio 48 hours after the vehicle is placed into inventory, or any time prior to delivery.

The SIRIUS satellite radio pumps out the compressed satellite sound and comes in really handy when following a breaking news event (CNN channel 115) or if I need my bi-monthly Whitesnake fix (Hair Nation channel 39). Not sure there’s a lot of SD card music people here in the U. The i Pod has 160 GB of music so I can kinda see why it took so long, but once it was connected, searching for and selecting music to play was another lag-filled nightmare. Since disconnecting the i Pod I have not been able to get it to interface again.

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