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But in the meantime there are an awful lot of people who are getting hurt, some of whom are clearly innocent.” Tarrant moved on from Tiswas to a plethora of light entertainment shows – OTT, Tarrant on TV, Man O Man – to become breakfast show host on Capital Radio.His first marriage broke up in 1982; he claimed to have been living a lifestyle of 20 pints, four women and 60 cigarettes a day.

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In June, the father-of-four appeared on the SBS show His bio for the show reveals that Stu is a "a third-generation Sydney publican, who was born into an empire and has seen it grow into a multi-million dollar business.""Stu enjoys a work hard, play hard lifestyle.

When he’s not in the boardroom, he enjoys cruising around Sydney harbour aboard his luxury super yacht."Hmm, yachting about on a super yacht sounds like something we can about the challenges of dating. "I go on dates and I’m struggling to pick up a bill.""[The Laundys] are quite devout Catholics but pretty down to earth people.

Watch in the player above - Stu on "[The Laundys] are quite devout Catholics but pretty down to earth people.

They made their money from some pretty rough pubs so nothing would shock them and she [Sophie] does like a drink," they added of the 44-year-old, who is the heir to an eye-watering $500 million pub dynasty.

But by June 2013 it had fewer than 2.4 million watching. “No one has won £1 million on the show for years, but we’re not desperate about it,” says Tarrant, sitting in a Belgravia hotel bar, dressed in a sober blue suit, matching dark blue suede shoes and a garish tie covered in submarines.

“And I’m glad that the owners haven’t gone down the line of getting celebrities from TOWIE, Big Brother, Desperate Scousewives.” (Since 2011 Millionaire has focused on broadcasting celebrity editions.) “That would be a nightmare.

“I think what is happening is terrifying, it does appear to be a witch-hunt,” he says.

“Those like Savile, who behaved about as vilely as a human being can, deserve to be banged up and have the key thrown away.

But the work continued to pour in – at one point he was so ubiquitous on screen that one TV critic coined the phrase ''to Tarrant”. All my mates say I should retire, and Jane says I should – but I tell her I’ll be at home all week, driving her up the bloody wall.

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