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Windows' free security program, Microsoft Security Essentials, communicates with its server every day to download the most recent malware definitions and information.

When your program can't connect to the server, it can become out of date and may miss detection of the ever-increasing amount of malware lurking online.

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Hackers are constantly creating and improving malware and something may slip into your computer even with MSE on duty.

Once a malware program settles in, it can disable your security software and prevent it from updating.

According to Microsoft, your Internet Explorer settings may be causing an issue with MSE updates taking a long time or failing.

Microsoft recommends you reset Internet Explorer to its default settings and make it your default browser.

If you use Internet Explorer, for example, open your Control Panel and select "Internet Options." Click the "Advanced" tab, and select "Reset." In Chrome, open your control menu and select "Settings." Show all Advanced settings and scroll to the bottom of the list.

Click "Reset Browser Settings" to restore defaults.

The main issue with MSE updates is that it updates once every 24 hours, but only if your PC is turned on and connected to the Internet.

For users whose computers are not always on and connected, or users who utilize the sleep and resume functions on their laptops, these updates can often be missed, since the system typically updates between midnight and 6 a.m.

To do this, you will need to search for the term “inetcpl.cpl” in your Start menu’s Search bar.

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