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The first method is recommended and is the easiest to deploy when working with Windows DHCP services.But if third-party or hardware-based DHCP solutions are deployed which may or may not supported the additional options required by the Aries devices then it may be beneficial to use the integrated Lync Server DHCP services.

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All of those except for the CX700 (the sole member of family) are USB-only devices and simply just plug-and-play into a workstation running the Lync client.

They do not run any version of the Lync Phone Edition client.

So even if your environment is not correctly configured in this area as long as a default gateway is passed to the DHCP client and the phones can connect to the Internet then it’ will work regardless.

After some extensive testing I’ve come up with the basic recommendation to define time server settings in both DHCP and DNS regardless of what device you plan to use and on what levels of code.

This in-depth article covers not only what each of the required components are, but what they do and why they are needed (or in some cases, not).

These topics are: Regardless of which family of devices (Tanjay or Aries) both require the ability to properly synchronize their clocks with an external time source.

The Enterprise Voice normalization rules was leveraged (just as in Dial-In Conferencing) so that extensions can be supported.

This allows users to key in a short extension (e.g. The PIN used for authentication is the same PIN that is used for Dial-In Conferencing, so the user only needs to remember one unique PIN for logging in to either Aries phones or into audio conferences from PSTN analog phones.

Understand that this alternate approach does not replace the primary DHCP services as the Lync Server will not hand out DHCP leases, it only provides the additional DHCP options to clients which know to ask for them (the Aries phones).

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