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The young singer also made quite an impact on the judges when she revealed her parents are such big fans of the Canadian singer, they named her Celine as a tribute to her while her little sister is called Dionne.

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Tensions escalate at Mc Namara/Troy as Sean and Quentin, against Christian's wishes, remove the tattoos of a gang member who wants to go straight.

Sean, Julia and Christian struggle to find a common solution as Matt spirals out of control.

Gina returns and forms an unexpected business alliance with Julia.

Sean and Christian reluctantly become involved in the gruesome case of a man who reassembled a female corpse from the appendages of other dead bodies.

There was palpable anticipation on the judge's side, with Howie bringing his hands in prayer position in front of his face, while Celine's dad gave her a nod of encouragement from backstage.

Then, the little girl secured her spot in the America's Got Talent hall of fame by nailing the challenging chorus.

Sean finds himself under investigation by Child Protective Services after Matt files a restraining order against him.

Christian becomes the prime suspect in the Carver case after police find a damning piece of evidence at the scene of the latest Carver attack.

Cox got up from her chair and went to hug the little girl, while Celine's parents cheered among the audience.

The little girl's success comes almost two months after her stunning rendition of My Heart Will Go On during the audition stage.

Christian has doubts about the latest Carver victim's story.

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