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After running this command for this tutorial we ran into errors like: An error occurred while installing pg (0.18.3), and Bundler cannot continue. This error had something to do with Postgre SQL and to fix this problem first try to run the following commands: apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade This solved to problem on our side, it probably had something to do with an outdated version of a package.Is your Metasploit installation broken after running an update and you need some help to fix it?

metasploit updating-36metasploit updating-64metasploit updating-18

The back command will take us back to the msfconsole in the general context.

From here on we can issue the use command again to switch to another Metasploit module.

Metasploit framework also contains some great information gathering tools called auxiliary modules.

Auxiliary modules can be used for port scanning, service identification, password sniffing and Windows patch enumeration.

The exit command will close the msfconsole and will take you back to the Kali Linux terminal.

As we’ve seen earlier in this tutorial the help command will return a list of possible commands together with a description when typed at the msfconsole.The updates says that we should be expecting updates weekly(ish).Running msfupdate might break your Metasploit installation.When there is an active exploit selected we can use the help command to get a list of exploit commands: When an exploit is selected with the use command we can retrieve information like the name, platform, author, available targets and a lot more by using the info command.In the following screenshot we’ve use the info command on an exploit named ie_execcommand_uaf: As of this writing Metasploit contains over 1.500 different exploits and new ones are added regularly.Once you get to understand the concept and the clear structure it will be very easy.

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