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Speed skater Gilmore Junio backed out of the 1,000m short track race because, he said, his teammate Denny Morrison was skating better."Although (Junio) qualified for the 1,000 metres, he knows Morrison is our best skater in this distance.o recap our favorite moments, storylines, and general awesomeness of this last week of sports.

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And I admire any family, who's willing to sacrifice to make this kid's crazy dream happen. Michael trained in a shopping mall ice rink and taught himself a few of his triple jumps from watching others do it on television.

And his family has used their savings to pay for for him to train."I'd love to qualify for the free skate [top 24]; that would be a big accomplishment for me," Martinez, said in an interview with NBC prior to Thursday's skate. The best story of the Olympic Games, as it was in Vancouver, is the story of Canadian moguls skier Alex Bilodeau.

The thing about cross-country skiing is that it looks like the least-fun activity on God's snowy earth.

Most of the events at the Winter Olympics — while utterly off-limits to the majority of us, either because the equipment/venues are expensive/unavailable to us or because we would quite literally die gruesome deaths — are super fun to watch.

He's the perfect antidote to our sunny, optimistic, media trained, all-the-glory-to-God-and-mom Americans.

I've followed his entire career as an NBC Sports packaged bad guy, and it's fitting that his career ends with both a gold medal in the team event in his home country and a heartbreaking injury that kept him from giving his last glorious performances.Ski jumping, slopestyle, luge, all crowd-pleasers from an aesthetic angle.Not so with cross-country, which can seem like watching someone on the stairmaster for loooong stretches of time.He did it to give our team the best chance to win a medal," team spokesman Antonio Faiola told the Canadian Press.In the end, Junio's decision reaped huge dividends: Morrison won the silver medal, when his previous best Olympic finish was 13th in Vancouver.Just getting to Sochi has been a journey for Martinez and his family.

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