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In the end, it’s Fry’s generosity (a 500 dollar exotic bird he bought for Leela) that saves them from the murderous Clause.

Despite the corporate monster, they still manage to maintain the true meaning of Christmas. Roseanne – White Trash Christmas Roseanne gave us a few Christmas episodes over the years, but none exemplified the series quite like this one (and none as good as their Halloween episodes) in which Becky gets a job at Hooters-wannabe Bunz in order to put her husband through college.

The concept of a terrifying killer Santa robot, created by a corporation who accidentally programmed him to be too strict in his definitions of “naughty and nice” is perfect.

Eventually, a group of neighborhood kids comes by to bestow an award for the best Christmas decorations in Bel-Air to the Banks and their “eye-sore” because it has the whimsy of a child’s idea of Christmas.

The HOA gives up the fight and Will chips away at another snobby Bel-Air tradition.

In his opening monologue, Baldwin is visited by John Goodman as the ghost of Christmas future; he sees Jimmy Fallon hosting the show in 2011 and making fun of Baldwin. The Bob Newhart Show – His Busiest Season Rather than focusing on the togetherness of a family at Christmastime, this episode of the long-running sitcom found Bob taking his role as a psychiatrist to a new level.

This Christmas Carol parody is particularly significant, because in December 2011, it all came true. When he and his wife realize something is missing from their Christmas – despite the giant pile of presents they’ve lined up for each other – Bob invites his therapy group full of people who hate the holidays.

Some of TV’s greatest holiday episodes are uplifting, some are packed with harsh realities, but the best episodes give us a little bit of everything. Robot Chicken – Robot Chicken Christmas Special (2005) When Adult Swim first premiered remains something of a classic sketch, plus the stop-motion animation sends the episode to a place mildly reminiscent of the crazy California Raisins “Claymation Christmas” special. That 70s Show – The Christmas Party Who could forget the episode that found Eric battling for Donna’s affections while Hyde gives her the sweetest, most thoughtful Christmas present while Kitty gets tipsy as State Troopers storm the Forman home to retrieve the Christmas tree Eric chopped down on the side of the highway.

Kids will be kids, and those kids needed to use Red’s Christmas tree money as beer money, okay? New Girl – The 23 This episode gave Jess and her roommates a chance to spend Christmas together while yelling at an entire neighborhood to turn on their spectacular Christmas lights at 3 a.m.

Little kids trying to understand Christmas traditions? On Christmas, star-crossed lovers Penny and Desmond finally reunite.

For those of us who came to love every single one of the islanders, there’s nothing quite as heartwarming as the moment Penny reconciles with her long-lost love – even if this was the point at which LOST’s time travel really started to get out of hand. Futurama – Xmas Story Futurama is a strange bird, but we knew it had some merit when in its first season, it took the greed and corporate infiltration of Christmas on in a huge way.

When the party gets going, Ben winds up feeling lonely and starts breaking every law possible in hopes of getting locked up so he can join in on the fun.

Eventually, Andy figures it out and arrests Ben, but not before the old guy gathers gifts for everyone from his own inventory.

She hoards all of the Christmas decorations in her tiny, crummy apartment until Ted visits her and tells her he called her a bitch because while he was upset that Marshall was hurting, he was also upset as a friend.

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