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But I think people look at this case and don’t see reasonable doubt, they see jurors setting a murderer free.

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I didn’t follow his career as a football player or his acting career. Simpson] showed the process of different jurors being eliminated for different reasons. ” Because most of the time, if they called them out, they didn’t come back. Were there suspicions that certain people wanted other people out of there? There were certain people who wanted other jurors off, and if they could do something to help kick them off, they would do it!

You kind of had the feeling [that] if you’re in the jury room and they called a certain juror out, you were like, “Okay, is he or she coming back or is this it?

Everybody went in thinking it was going to take a couple of weeks. Maybe she could have swayed some of the jurors if she put up a good enough argument. Do you think that they were intimidated or nervous? To me, it was a mistake to sequester us for so long.

But we took a poll once and it was 10–2 not guilty. I heard she made a statement on some TV show [about it], but she felt it was probably useless to argue her point. We’ve been the longest jury in history to be sequestered.

You would go in, and the deputy would call the person that you wanted to call.

They would admonish them, letting them know that, “This was number 1233 calling … They didn’t want to take us places where people might recognize us, but our faces were never shown on TV — although the trial was televised, they never showed us.

So that left all the black jurors to sit amongst ourselves. I remember hearing that you guys couldn’t watch TV, certain parts of the newspapers were cut out. If it had gone on for very much longer I think I would have had to ask to go home. You’re constantly being guarded by sheriff’s deputies who are actually armed.

You were pretty much isolated from the outside world even though you were right in the middle of Downtown L. So it was somewhat like you were a prisoner, but you didn’t commit a crime. When we made phone calls it was in a telephone room.

I think the biggest misconception is they feel we really didn’t deliberate.

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