Sex addict chat sites - Mandating health care

The Senate is debating the future of American health care, yet one very important issue has yet to get a full and fair debate.

Voting is not mandated, but under this precedent, one could argue that the federal government could force citizens to vote against their will.

Under the big government line of reasoning, the federal government could have tossed aside Cash for Clunkers, the failed government program to give away billions in subsidies to spur the purchasing of cars, and mandate that citizens buy a car from an American car company of their choice.

Some, like Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, don't think this mandate is a big deal.

Others like Hans von Spakovsky at NROnline think the mandate is a dangerous precedent.

Proponents of the individual mandate are contending that, under its power to "regulate commerce&...among the several states," Congress may regulate the doing of nothing at all!

In other words, the statute purports to convert inactivity into a class of activity.

Flu shots can help reduce the rate of sickness which could impact health insurance costs, absenteeism and employee productivity. Many other organizations are encouraging, but not requiring, vaccinations.

However, not everyone’s convinced about their effectiveness and sometimes . Rick Fuentes, a spokesman for the Twin Cities-based Minnesota Nurses Association believes that voluntary programs work better.

The bottom line is that if a Senator raises a constitutional point of order against the individual mandate or a Senator requests that the Courts review the issue, then the Senate will finally debate one of the fundamental questions that the Senate, and the House for that matter, should consider every time they review a piece of legislation.

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